Tweet   Tasting Notes: Pre-1960 Bourbon   WARREN BOBROW grew up on a biodynamic farm in Morristown, New Jersey. He is a reluctant cocktail/wine writer and a former trained chef/saucier. FACEBOOK / TWITTER •••••••••• Photo Credit: travelingmcmahans; creative commons My grandfather, a Yankee like myself, truly enjoyed Bottled in Bond,Continue Reading

Tweet  Warren Bobrow’s Cocktail Hour – Dripping Spanish Moss Cocktail Tuaca- Dark Rum from Atlantico- Angostura Bitters, Grade B Maple Syrup and charred citrus fruits make up this week’s cocktail experience. The inspiration for this drink came during dinner a few weeks ago at the highly regarded modern American restaurantContinue Reading

Tweetsterilize some Ball jars pit out some nice black cherries fill jars and add a couple sprigs of lemon thyme add a pinch of cardamom top with brandy seal and refrigerate for a week or so- no peeking! enjoy in a cocktail or over ice cream!