Tweet Ice, Ice Baby By: Warren posted in: Food & Wine / Spirits     I believe that ice is the most important ingredient in a well-crafted cocktail.  Just imagine this scenario.  You go to your favorite cocktail lounge; the bartender is making crafted cocktails.  The first thing that youContinue Reading

Tweet    Four Summer Cocktails   Warren Bobrow   June 3, 2013   1   Four Cocktails for the Summer….   We just had a most disgustingly humid heat wave.  The warm weather has come and gone and come again, yet if there is one thing for certain- I’m gettingContinue Reading

Tweet Apothecary Cocktails Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today More Sharing ServicesShare Print Author: Warren Bobrow Format: Flexi w/ Concealed Wire-o, 160 Pages Item: 212140 ISBN: 9781592335848 Publisher: Fair Winds Press Specs Price: $21.99 Not Yet Published – Available 10/15/2013 Buy from Another Online Retailer           Buy the E-Book             Continue Reading

Tweet  Klaus invented a new cocktail!  This is not just any cocktail, mind you- but one that speaks clearly of the season.  But what season is that?  The dull time, just before the burst of spring.  The ground coming out of its slumber, mud all around, a few crocus flowersContinue Reading