Tweet Repeal Day. Just the very mention of the word “repeal” suggests setting something behind, to leave it in the past, and what better day to leave something in the past than December 5, or Repeal Day, which celebrates the day Prohibition ended and the modern age of drinking reallyContinue Reading

Tweet Rum Festival Weekend News 10th Annual Rum Renaissance Festival This Weekend It’s rum festival time again. Time to meet up with friends to discover all the best rums from the Caribbean and beyond at the two day Rum Renaissance Festival tasting event at Fort Lauderdale Convention Center this weekend from 2 toContinue Reading

TweetToday on Recommended Reading with Food Book Fair we explore the world of culinary cannabis with two leaders in the field — Warren Bobrow, author of Cannabis Cocktails and Jennifer Shelbo, former pastry chef turned expert in cannabis farming and sustainability. Recommended Reading with Food Book Fair is powered by Simplecast. Listen to the Podcast HEREContinue Reading

TweetLooking Forward to being a judge at the Tenth Anniversary Rum Renaissance Festival set for June 9-10 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Come join me there! RUM! Rum Festival Tickets can be purchased hereContinue Reading