TweetA Successful Tale  We’re back from Tales of the Cocktail and we wanted to share with you photos from the event. Enjoy! ‘Meet the Distillers Happy Hour’  With Warren Bobrow mixing up the drinks, and our very own Draga Culic, helping pour — the guests were in for a treatContinue Reading

TweetOUT OF THIS WORLD: THE 11TH ANNUAL SPIRITED AWARDS In 2017, we’re taking Tales of the Cocktail beyond the stratosphere at the 11th Annual Spirited Awards. The show might be here on Earth at the Sheraton New Orleans, but the celestial inspired cocktails served will be otherworldly as we handContinue Reading

Tweet SECRET INGREDIENT One Strong Drink With ‘Cannabis Cocktails’ Author Warren Bobrow Chris Shott  June 20, 2016 The Mezzrole, a Manhattan-style cocktail made with cannabis-infused vermouth, is one of 75 recipes contained in Warren Bobrow’s new book Cannabis Cocktails. (Photo: Glenn Scott Photography) “What’s in the bottle is not what’s onContinue Reading

Tweet Mark Vierthaler (@Cocktails_365) When you reach for a bottle to find that it’s empty, it’s important to be ready to improvise. Whether it’s fruit that’s out of season, that bottle of super rare aperitif that you’re dying to mix up, or you’ve simply run out of one of yourContinue Reading

TweetMonday, July 28, 2014 Cocktail Recipe: At Last A Paltry Decree By Warren Bobrow, Cocktail WhispererIt’s remarkable how fine spirits respond to freshly squeezed juices.  But imagine for a second that you don’t have a great source for perfectly ripened fruits.  I know that in New York City, we alwaysContinue Reading

Tweet My first book, Apothecary Cocktails has been nominated for a Spirited Award for the 2014 Tales of the Cocktail!   By Warren Bobrow, Cocktail WhispererAtxa Vermouth Tinto, Eden Orleans and Gabriel Boudier Saffron Infused Gin make for a Negroni of otherworldly flavors and textures.But first of all, what is aContinue Reading

TweetCocktail hour with Warren Bobrow – A Limerick for Laurel cocktail There was a fine gal named Laurel. Who never put up with any Quarrel She married fair Bill Whose true voice that she willed So there would never be bitters to spoil!   The clouds are rushing in thisContinue Reading