TweetPLEASE WELCOME to the LEAF Legendary “Cocktail Whisperer” and “Cannabis Whisperer” and famed mixologist WARREN BOBROW With weed stories, NYC club stories, and the do’s and don’ts of creating your own finest cannabis cocktails This Wed High Noon PST (3pm EST) with our smokin’ Host CHIP Z’NUFF on the MonstersContinue Reading

Tweet EPISODE SUMMARY The cannabis beverage sector is becoming increasingly competitive with each new product, offering a wide variety of seltzers and infusions to consumers across the company. With this in mind, brands looking to break into the beverage space must enter with a unique, distinguishing perspective to stand out.Continue Reading

TweetRMR Podcast Ep 44 Ft. Warren Bobrow of Klaus On this episode of the RMR Podcast, Mitch talks with the legend Warren Bobrow of Klaus. Klaus produces ready-to-drink THC-infused cocktails by famed master mixologist Warren Bobrow. Their 10mg drinks are great out of the can and even better as theContinue Reading

TweetCLICK HERE: The Stone Age Potcast interview with the CEO of Klaus Apothecaire LLC, 6x Author and Master Mixologist Warren Bobrow. We had a great time getting to know Warren and learning about craft cannabis infused mocktails. In fact, you can learn from home by purchasing one of his booksContinue Reading

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TweetDavid Paleschuck• CPG Brand Marketing Expert and Author Join David Paleschuck, author of “Branding Bud: The Commercialization Of Cannabis” as he discusses cannabis and other related topics with Warren Bobrow, Co-Founder and CEO of Klaus, a new cannabis-infused beverage. Known as “The Cocktail Whisperer”, Warren has lived the life thatContinue Reading