TweetINDUSTRY EXPERTS & INFLUENCERS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THE END OF CANNABIS PROHIBITION IN CALIFORNIA Californians did it. It’s the end of a 100 plus year cannabis prohibition in California. Two thousand eighteen is off to an exciting start. What exactly does this mean? You no longer need a medical recommendationContinue Reading

Tweet It’s that time of year where people look back on the achievements and milestones of the year that was. I created this list in reaction to the number of posts I was seeing “Vote for Me”. Read More Here At Civilized.Life:

TweetIt’s an honor to appear in Zoe Wilder‘s list of her published works.

TweetOf all the books that I’ve reviewed this year, my favorite so far is the new book written by my friend Cheri Sicard, named: “The Easy Cannabis Cookbook” and easy it is! Reading this well laid-out book is not difficult, even for those of us with ‘older-eyes’…remarkable how a detailContinue Reading

Tweet Warren Bobrow iPhone X Jane West Jane West is a real person! A real mom and a real celebrity of her own hard work and never-ending, entrepreneurial efforts. Jane is effortless and cool, in a high-mountain, Colorado-Mountain Cool- kind of way- and she has Ultra-LUXURY with a uniquely feminine twistContinue Reading

Tweet  It’s a WEEK OF WEED! OK…not really… but Chef Brian Duffy has an in depth conversation with Warren Bobrow, author of “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics.” This week’s episode dives into everything from smoking to infusing and creating, discussing the politics behind the movement, and how it’s now being incorporated into mainstreamContinue Reading

Tweet We welcomed the mixologist, Warren Bobrow, he brought in cannabis infused rim so Donnie and I, being the brave souls, tested it. We learned a lot! Fun episode….. Follow this link to hear the radio interview (At Bottom!)