Tweet Japanese Whisky: Quiet Perfection A quiet pursuit of excellence is taking place by the careful and studied guidance of Eric Tschudi, the affable and youthful beverage director of Shuko. His hand-chosen selection of esoteric, Japanese Whiskies will certainly intellectualize even the most altruistic guest in your dinner party.  AndContinue Reading

Tweet Drink Maple — Pure Maple Water — and Barrell Bourbon Whiskey When I drink the finest whiskies in the world in a crystal glass, I want to control all the things that I can do something about. I want to first make sure that my glass is clean andContinue Reading

Tweet Barrell Bourbon New Year 2017 A selection of 5, 7, 8, 9 and 13-year old Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels  Separately distilled in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana​​ Aged in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana​ Crafted and bottled in Kentucky ​117.0 proof cask strength bottling​ Aged in American white oak barrels​​ FLAVOR NOTESContinue Reading

Tweet Straight Bourbon Whiskey Distilled and aged in Tennessee and Kentucky Crafted and bottled in Kentucky 112.10 proof cask strength bottling Aged for 13 years in Char #4 American white oak barrels Mash bill: 74% corn, 18% rye, 7% malted barley FLAVOR NOTES Neat Appearance: Broiled apricot orange at the coreContinue Reading