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FlowerShop “Functional Flowers” Mindful Inspiration


My mood today is comfort and what better way to examine this theory then by enjoying a lovely pre rolled cannabis joint from FlowerShop. Framed by a glass tip, reminiscent of Murano (Italian) glass, this hand rolled joint immediately charms the attentive smoker. One toke at a time.

This joint is truly a luxury experience. The backbone of this deeply pleasurable circumstance is formed by deep inhalations. Deeper than that. You know the experience of tasting really find cannabis. This is one of those brands that speak a language, in this case the terminology is comfort.

The peaceful enjoyment (smoking) of Indica flower is one of my favorite ways to slip into the early evening. I’ve been enjoying Indica strains for this purpose as long as I can remember. In the couch is the understood wording. After a couple hits of the FlowerShop Indica, I know what the words really mean. The feeling of being enveloped in warmth and relaxation. An acceptance of slumber. The ability to finally rest. Focus will come later, after a well-deserved nap. All these descriptions mean something after smoking a couple hits from the FlowerShop’s mini-pre-rolled Indica joints.

I’m very impressed by their candor and humor. Yes, I’m stoned but it’s not overwhelming, nor incapacitating. But I’m very, very calm. And peaceful. This is exactly what the experience should be. If I’m as euphoric as I think I am, this would be my professional recommendation, smoke less than I did. You can always take more.

Their Comfort strain is pretty strong stuff, so be patient and smoke ½ of a joint first. Or less if you are a neophyte. Taking fewer hits are more in this case.  Patience weed-hopper.

Wow. I’m feeling no pain.

Although not true “medical” cannabis, FlowerShop would like for you to feel better. Nothing is more rational right now, because I do feel better, inside and out.

I believe these well-woven, mini-pre-rolled joints are a class act.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: A dollop of sweet lemon curd melting over brioche toast points

Palate: Touches of petrol and wood smoke come into view leading to droplets of lemon oil

Flavor/Stone: I got really stoned on just a couple hits from the blue-glass tipped mini-pre-rolled joint

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