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El Blunto/Albert Einstone Cannagars-Papa’s Select Editions

I love smoking ultra-luxury cannagars, they offer much more than your typical joint to the high-end cannabis aficionado. A cannagar is a rare treat, a thing of beauty to behold in your hand and soon into your lungs. They are comprised of many parts, top shelf flower along with all kinds of concentrates. The higher the quality, the deeper the experience.

The El Blunto collaboration is the cannagar I’ve been waiting for. First of all, I’m a massive fan of Papa’s Select cannabis adjuncts. The contain deeply potent concentrates derived from outdoor grown, Humboldt County cannabis.

I was especially charmed by the cannagar that contained Papa’s Select from Sunrise Mountain Farms. Their cheerful Dozizoz #3 flower and Dozizoz live Ice Water #5 hash comes hand woven into further tangle of Sunrise Mountain Farms flower. This is truly gorgeous stuff that speaks to a higher place in the universe. I’m very impressed. El Blunto/Albert Einstone/Papa’s Select have created something that speaks very clearly towards quality and character. And you will get really stoned with out any trouble at all.

Tasting Notes for the Dozizoz #5 cannagar:

Nose: Bright and refreshing with dollops of lemon oil and baby skunk

Palate: Richly textured smoke with hints of toasted hazelnut and pine sap

Finish: Each puff brings mesmerizing aromatics of crushed bitter/sweet cocoa nibs across the tongue

The Stone: This is not a cannagar for beginners, you will get quite high. Very high at that! The smoking experience will last a good long time.

The second cannagar is comprised of Gelato OG and infused with Fatso live ice water hash. The hash is bred by Really Cannarado and grown by Sabertooth Farms and the flower is grown by Local Cannabis Co. I really enjoyed this gourmet treat and deeply potent stone.

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