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A Golden State Mini-Prerolls: Strikingly potent Gourmet Cannabis

Have you ever started smoking your typical one gram joint only to get so high that you cannot finish it? Or you’ve put that joint out, but the cannabis smoke that has drawn through the joint, making it sour tasting. Just smoked cannabis has a distinctive bouquet. It is not always a pleasurable scent reminiscent of used bong water. Not pleasant at all to me.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could encapsulate your favorite high-test cannabis strains in a miniature, hand-held easy to maneuver package that is not at all overpowering? What if your “sesh” was just the right size to enjoy but not be wasteful?

There are a multitude of mini-prerolls on the market these days. If you haven’t noticed them yet there is a reason. The larger sized prerolls just dominate the dispensary market, but not for long in my opinion. The convenience to the consumer is profound with each mini-preroll weighing in at about .52 of a gram. For the purpose of this article, each mini of the brand, offers a very personal experience. They are just the perfect size for your own sesh, which I must say is not overwhelming. You will get really high. It’s just enough and not too much.

It’s a nice touch to offer a mini-preroll that is weighed slightly overweight as well. As a person fairly familiar with the cannabis business, it’s nice to get a little bit extra when the quality is already so elevated.

Silver Cloud, Indica:

It’s refreshing to find an Indica strain that doesn’t bury me into the couch after only a couple drags. A Golden State has developed this cultivar to stimulate the mind, while relaxing the body. It’s quite uncanny how they do this. I also had a heightened appetite, something that hardly happens to me under any circumstance. I didn’t eat the entire chicken pot pie, only 9/10ths of it. The Silver Cloud is evocative with notes of citrus oil and cedar on the nose leading into dollops of pine sap and turned soil. It’s crystalline in the head, I was thinking clearly yet my body became very relaxed. Nice work!

Night Sky, Indica:

This strain is the night train to a place not yet discovered. My brain is sedated, and my body is relaxed and comfortable. There isn’t anything out of place and my dream-state is set way off in the background, yet I’m comfortable and peaceful all at the same time. This is cannabis for the late day and late evening. The flavors are of coconut meat, snipped French herbs and candied walnuts. Hints of earth and vanilla bean comes into view then works her magic around my palate up and into my brain. Night Sky is the Milky Way Galaxy…Without any sticky chocolate on your fingers.

Woods, Sativa:

The first thing I tasted was orange zest surrounding gobs of pine sap. The kind of sap that coats your windshield. If you were to lick that sap, it would taste just like the first hit of Woods. I’ve often described California cannabis as having fruit salad notes. This one is the diametric opposite to fruity. It’s a walk in the Redwood forest, surrounded by pine needles and shovelfuls of crushed minerals coated in pristine sea salt. This strain grabs your attention and draws you into a heightened state of intellect. It’s possible that the rabbit hole that you fall down will take you to into the study of Venetian glass. Well not really, this strain is brain food for that perfect refresher to your mindfulness. Smoking a mini-preroll of Woods is a vacation for your mind. If you want more of a buzz, smoke another one. This stuff really works her magic on my brain, or what little remains of my brain at the end of the day.

A Golden State is consistently offering the finest quality herbs in both flower and pre-roll formats. Each strain harvested from their own individually developed cultivars offering candor and intensity for the acutely aware connoisseur.

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Warren Bobrow has been a dishwasher, the owner of the first company to make fresh pasta in South Carolina , a television engineer and he even worked at Danceteria in NYC which led to a twenty year career in private banking. A cannabis, wine and travel aficionado, Warren is a former rum judge and craft spirits national brand ambassador. He works full time in the cannabis business as an alchemist/journalist. Instagram: warrenbobrow