Grabbing your attention with their brightly colored plastic vial, cradling a nice, fat cannabis joint, the first thing I noticed was the message they are trying to convey. Color driven and fun, High90’s is not a brand to sit idly on the shelf, you see it and want to buy one. I love the informative testing information label and the label of ingredients. That’s sorely missing in our industry. What is in there? They make it very easy to understand.

This carefully finished, pre-rolled joint is part of a new wave of cannabis pre-rolls, ones with concentrates added. Weighing in at 1.2 grams, the nearly quarter gram over the typical one gram joint is good marketing. I’d much rather purchase a pre-roll that is weighed over rather than under. Anyone stoner who has bought a pre-roll only to find it underweight would appreciate this overage. It’s just good business-sense to offer a little bit extra. Lagniappe is what we called a little bit extra in New Orleans. That coating on the back of a spoon. Yum.

The cannabis that goes into High90’s is much better than it has to be. The internal design of the joint includes something else, a cannabis concentrate known as wax. The physical act of lighting up your pre-roll decarbs the wax along with the flower and offers a deeper, more potent experience. I like it.

High90’s adds this thoughtful amount of wax to the mix in their pre-rolls. This wax based concentrate is made from cannabis and it is added to the pre-roll. There is just enough to take you to the next Bardo, including that knowing smile on your face. Traditionally I’m not attracted to sweet fruit flavors but the makers of High90’s add just a touch of candor to the mix. It’s not overpowering nor bonbon like, just a subtle touch of wonderment. Not juicy-fruit, but more like fruit leather, make sense?

The wax component is quite noteworthy when added to the flower element. Alone, smoking wax can be overpowering for some, like myself in the process called dabbing. I like to tone down the effect of the wax a bit with just enough of their fine flower. Refreshing to enjoy something that is not overwhelming with sweet flavors, even though the names of the strains connote sweet and candy-like. Overall these pre-rolls are well balanced with a touch of sweetness. The high is quick to hit, in a good way. I promise you; you’ll get stoned…

Pro tip: Keep the plastic case for the transportation of your own pre-rolls instead of just throwing the empty vessel into the trash.

Tasting Notes:

Double Cup

Nose: droplets of dry fruit leather and baby skunk give way to citrus zest with a dusting of milk sugar over the top, just need a straw…

Palate: Richly textured from the wax, each hit offers creamy notes of lemon curd and toasted brown bread slathered with melted brown butter

Stone: This stuff gets me stoned, as in right away. Great job!

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