Tweet BYWARREN BOBROW 04/20/2022 Here was my pitch. I included it here because the framework for this intriguing piece is in the pitch, a beautifully written one, I must add. Thank you, my friend, for sending this my way, appreciated deeply. Hi Warren – Alibi Cannabis is about to announce its firstContinue Reading

TweetBy Warren Bobrow @warrenbobrow When is a shrub not a shrub? When is a drink a plant? The quick answer is never, but these acidulated beverages are as old as history itself.  In my recently released book, Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails, I revealed the secrets of these refreshing beverages andContinue Reading

TweetBy Warren Bobrow @warrenbobrow From the very moment that the outer packaging, deeply reminiscent of luxury Chinese incense with lustrous gold leaf on the outside of the box. This brings your attention to the strikingly handsome red lettering, and then the box opens to reveal the polished glass inner tube. FromContinue Reading