TweetMixologists Share Their Best Cannabis-Infused Cocktails Without cannabis, drinks are basic. Whether you’re hosting a soiree, brunching with friends, or planning a romantic dinner, these three alluring alcohol and cannabis-infused libations by guest contributors (and epicureans)  Elise McRoberts, Rabib Rafiq, and Jason Eisner will set the tone for the occasion.Continue Reading

Tweet Brian Quinn is an experiential event producer and cocktail writer. He is the cofounder of the Noble Rot, an underground supper club for wine, dubbed “a new form of clandestine drinking” by Tasting Table NYC. He learned the art of craft cocktails from work with the Milk & Honey family, as well as aContinue Reading

Tweet   Another day, another advancement in  American cannabis consumption.  Le Herbe, the French-sounding Seattle-based weed-centric beverage company, has unveiled a new addition to its existing line of buzzy libations: the nation’s premier non-alcoholic marijuana-infused cocktail mixer. It’s called Batch #55, a blend of smoked citrus, cardamom, cloves and maple water that, according to a rep, is aContinue Reading