An Interview With Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky, Concentrates Elevated

Roger Volodarsky
Roger Volodarsky initially founded Puffco – the industry’s premier vaporizer company – on a dare from a friend. Photo courtesy of Puffco. COURTESY: PUFFCO

I’m intrigued by technology when it makes my job easier. Take the Puffco Peak, for example. This is quite the invention, and I am quite fond of it. Historically, I’ve shied away from vaporizers that use concentrates. The potency of the materials themselves have bothered my equilibrium in the past, making the circumstances of smoking “dabs” most unpleasant to say the very least. Then, there is the stigma of lighting a blow torch, reminds me of Richard Pryor and an ill-fated event with smoking cocaine. I have difficulty with the blow torch part of the equation. Enter the Puffco. It makes the process of smoking concentrates an easy adventure, nothing more than placing the material into the handy ceramic bowl and then pressing the on switch. In mere seconds, your vessel is vaporizing the dab and the smoking experience is easy on the lungs. No more inhaling red hot materials. I’m a fan of low-temperature dabs. If I’m going to dab in the first place, the Puffco makes it easy to do my sesh— always correct the first time, and every time. That’s quality for you. Because this device has done so much to change my views and contributed so much to concentrate culture, I just had to learn more about the man behind the technology. Now, please meet Roger Volodarsky, CEO of Puffco.

Roger and a member of the Puffco team testing out the Peak smart rig. COURTESY: PUFFCO

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Canndescent Rechargeable Vape Pen Luxury COURTESY OF CANNADESCENT

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