Alex Pasternack: Ultra-Ambitious EVP Of Binske

Alex Pasternack EVP Binske

Alex Pasternack EVP Binske

I first met Alex through a close personal friend, who like Alex always seems to be traveling at one thousand miles per hour. Time is what you make of it with the experience of a lifetime unfolding in front of you in real time. Alex Pasternack is on to his newest idea with a pragmatic approach to the classic business model which is geared to his growing success. It would appear that his company, Binske is increasing their metric and raising the bar at the same time. Utter quality leads their ethos of making the very best quality products with authenticity as the rudder. When I discovered Alex was deeply rooted in food history,with his chocolates derived from heirloom ingredients in the Slow Food style, I was immediately a fan. As a trained cook, having started my second career in restaurant kitchens, surrounded by talented flavorists, it wasn’t too far of a leap to include the finest artisan products with my favorite plant. Not a house plant, but a very succinctly raised medicinal one named cannabis. The work that Alex is producing at Binske is as pertinent as anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire 58 years. Alex is going places with Binske. I’m deeply honored to be his friend and hope that these questions along with his thoughtful replies will enlighten your day. Should you be in a place where you can buy Binske, the experience should be intellectually bemusing to say the very least. Cheers to your next success, Alex and the ones that will obviously follow.  WB

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November Round Up–Cooking with Cannabis


For foodies, there’s always a keen interest in the latest ingredient or flavor trend, and ways to bring fun, unique experiences to the table. More than ever, cannabis is an option for experimental chefs and gourmets–they don’t call it “herb” for nothing. While its dank flavor maybe an acquired taste, with growing global legalization, cannabis as an ingredient in food and beverage is bound to become more common, especially once innovations in recipes and techniques take hold.

Home cooks in legal states can experiment now with cannabis-infused ingredients, specialty kitchen equipment, and recipes developed by cannabis cooks in almost every cuisine–it’s not just about brownies anymore (though there are some awesome recipes for baked treats. #Yum.). DIY edibles also may be the only option for cannabis connoisseurs in some states (and Canada), as well as a more economical choice for edible lovers.

Here’s a short list of eight cannabis-related fun food options that would make great gifts for adventurous chefs and culinary explorers. Whether it’s a posh holiday potluck or a luxe party spread, a buzz-worthy Sunday brunch or intimate dinner-for-two, there have never been more options for cooking at home or dining out:

The_Cocktail_Whisperer_mgretailer“Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics” by Warren Bobrow–Available in hardcover or Kindle editions, this book of drink recipes is from acknowledged adult beverage writer Bobrow, also known by his blogger moniker The Cocktail Whisperer. Not just a roster of recipes; Bobrow, whose work has been published in high-end foodie magazines, is also an educator on the topic of tonics and libations. He gives readers historical background on cocktails and cannabis, as well as 75 recipes, ranging from infused coffee cream to pre-dinner aperitifs to warm remedies for winter colds. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This is not a get high quick, stoner book. It is a thoughtfully-written, well-researched, creative read showcasing delicious healing cocktails that feature alcohol and cannabis.” At

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Spirited Drinks With The Cocktail Whisperer Warren Bobrow

Cocktails and cannabis, together at last.


Spirited Drinks With The Cocktail Whisperer Warren Bobrow

Warren “The Cocktail Whisperer” Bobrow has lived many lives. After graduating from Emerson College in ‘85, he worked in television as an editor at PBS in New York City. That position led him to TV and radio engineering in Maine at WNET-TV, but his heart just wasn’t in it. Unemployed and poor in Portland, before it was chic to live there, Bobrow took a job as a dishwasher and salad prep cook in a local restaurant, which ignited a passion for the culinary arts.