TweetHOT DRINKS WITH STROH STROH SNOWPUNCH A DELICIOUS ALTERNATIVE DRINK TO THE CLASSICAL PUNCH WITH STROH INGREDIENTS 2 cl STROH Rum 250 ml milk 2 table spoons brown sugar 100 ml whipped cream ground cinnamon PREPARATION Heat the milk in a pot. Add the sugar and melt it. BeatContinue Reading

TweetSTROHVER ACHIEVER COCKTAIL by Warren Bobrow Ingredients 1 oz. STROH 80 (STROH 160 PROOF) 1 oz. Pickett’s Ginger Beer Syrup 4 oz. Plain Seltzer 2 drops Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters 2 drops Bitter End Jamaican Jerk Bitters 2 drops Fee Brothers Chocolate Bitters garnish of orange zest Preparation In aContinue Reading

Tweet Bartenders and mixologists love the versatility of STROH. At the Miami Rum Festival 2015 (USA) we met a dedicated mixologist who calls himself the “Cocktail Whisperer” and who is known among American mixologists for his special cocktail creations. Warren Bobrow, who is a dedicated fan of STROH, has written several books (e.g.”Bitters andContinue Reading