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Honest.. just the very word makes it all clear. An honest way to do things. An honest path in life. When things are done right, they are honestly produced.

Well designed, made up of simple parts, crisp and easy to use. Modernist, architectural and bold. Fun to look at on the desk, complementary to design. Sleek.

Easy to clean because this is very important.

Several years ago I received a Path Pipe. I wrote about that early device and kept it in my box of pipes—many, including that one are still in there. The ones that I rotate through that is. I love the Path Pipe.

I had the opportunity to review some items from a new design line from Honest. A really well designed water pipe, a grinder that looks as good on your desk as your favorite paperweight and air-tight, easy to seal and to open, glass vessels for storing your precious flowers after grinding. How did the fine folks at Honest know that I was due for a new grinder? Well, not really—but I could always use something new to play around with and the Honest grinder is super esoteric and easy on your eyes. It’s made for people who may have mobility problems in their hands, that is- very easy to turn.

cannabis world news interviews Klaus, the author's gnome and the Grinder System with an 1/8th of A Golden State
Klaus, the author’s gnome and the Grinder System with an 1/8th of A Golden State. Photo: Warren Bobrow

Responses from Honest Co-Founder, Mason Palmer:

Warren Bobrow: Are you a design professional?

Mason Palmer: One of the Honest co-founders is a product designer by background. After graduating from UCSB, we struggled to find products that fit the style of our homes as young professionals. We created an aesthetically pleasing range of high-design pipes, accessories, and more, to help folks get into their flow state, entertain, and unwind in their space. The Honest product range fits together as an all-in-one home ecosystem to enhance the experience and presentation of a sesh.

WB: What was the inspiration behind the grinders, glass storage jars and that gorgeous water pipe?

MP: We employ rather minimal design principles and stay away from embellishment or stylizing on the products themselves, for a classic and timeless visual appeal. With materials being similar to those used in other high-quality kitchen, coffee, and bartending tools, these accessories will blend naturally into your functional home environment and everyday life. Much like how many Americans have bar carts and barware, we make smokeware that is designed to be seen, rather than stashed away.

cannabis world news interviews 11 Square
11 Square: Photo courtesy of Honest

WB:  How much of a rip do you recommend? I may have overdone it!

MP: We typically tell folks to start small unless you’re a regular bong user. Although the Capsule Water Pipe may be a smaller piece, it hits like a bong. (my bad… I did overdo it!)

WB: What’s next for Honest?

MP: We’re launching Kits by April 1st, in time for 4/20! The way we think about our smokeware is almost always as a kit, so we’re very excited for these. We will have limited editions, new material options, and new products on the way this year as well. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when new releases drop.

I love the way the Honest Grinder and the sturdy Cannabis storage jars show off my fine herbs… Especially the incredible flowers from A Golden State…

I want to ogle at them, and the Honest Grinder and storage jars take their display with fashion to an entirely new level.

Cheers! WB

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Feature photo: Grinder-hand-held, courtesy of Honest 

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