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5 Granular Questions With Tiffany Devitt, CannaCraft President Of Wellness

Tiffany Devitt outside
Tiffany Devitt 

Santa Rosa, CA – 6/16/20 –Care By Design, a wholly-owned CannaCraft brand, announced today the launch of its Care By Design Hemp line. Formulated and manufactured by the same team of scientists and experts that created the brand’s top-selling signature ratio line for the California medical cannabis market, Care By Design Hemp is now sold online direct to consumers and retailers and ships nationwide. The popularity of Hemp CBD has been on the rise since the federal government legalized hemp in 2018. In a recent Project CBD survey, the cannabis researcher’s comprehensive survey found that of the 3,600 CBD users polled, 52% reported using hemp-derived CBD as opposed to cannabis-derived CBD. The latter being less accessible as it is only sold in states that have legalized cannabis.

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An Interview With CannaCraft’s In-House Edible Expert Matt Kulczycki

Matt with a tray of cannabis goodies
Matt Kulczycki at the CannaCraft HQ holding a tray of cannabis-infused Satori chocolates in … [+] PHOTOS COURTESY OF CANNACRAFT.

I’m a massive fan of the edible line named Satori, one of the several brands of cannabis products created by CannaCraft — all of their products are made with love in California. The business of edibles has far evolved from when I was making pot brownies in prep school in New Jersey back in the 1970s. I do remember chewing on stems, and it was not very pleasant…especially the first time I took too much in the form of a Hippie Cookie. I was floored! Fast forward to the gourmet edibles of today where the chefs in the kitchen have studied pastry in culinary school or are self-taught and “highly” inspired by fine French desserts. Whatever their inspiration, the story of great edibles are to be savored, one bite at a time. And like the finest dinner, dessert should not be an afterthought with regard to infused sweets. CannaCraft makes this job really easy to enjoy. Every bite brings a smile. 

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An Interview With Dennis Hunter: Pragmatic Cofounder Of CannaCraft

CannaCraft cofounder Dennis Hunter gives an extractor demonstration at the California Capital.

CannaCraft co-founder Dennis Hunter gives an extractor demonstration at the California Capital. PHOTO COURTESY OF CANNACRAFT.

Dennis Hunter is entrepreneurial thinker. Deeply pragmatic, he refuses to make one product, and one only. What he has achieved in the short time that cannabis has been legal is truly amazing. He is truly an advocate for the elimination of stigmas through CannaCraft’s diversified line of cannabis products — Satori, Care By Design, AbsoluteXtracts and Hi-Fi Hops. From chocolates to CBD-rich over the counter medicinal products to the fine art of brewing IPA-inspired sparkling beverages, Dennis is not slowing down to only smell the roses. He has a business plan to make those roses bloom all the time. His products shine where others haven’t even dipped their proverbial toes into the water. Dennis Hunter and the CannaCraft co-founders and team represent a company that is richly diversified and intriguingly market savvy. I mentioned pragmatic in the title because Dennis couldn’t succeed at so many tasks without being a level-headed and pragmatic thinker. His products may be designed to fit outside the box, but they fit every niche without effort. They are that good! Why force anything? Dennis seems to fit the Northern California ethos of laid-back intensity. How does that work? Intense to get the job done, the first time, and laid back to enjoy his success along with the success of CannaCraft’s family of brands. Now, without further delay, may I introduce to you a very intriguing person…Dennis Hunter.