Matt with a tray of cannabis goodies
Matt Kulczycki at the CannaCraft HQ holding a tray of cannabis-infused Satori chocolates in … [+] PHOTOS COURTESY OF CANNACRAFT.

I’m a massive fan of the edible line named Satori, one of the several brands of cannabis products created by CannaCraft — all of their products are made with love in California. The business of edibles has far evolved from when I was making pot brownies in prep school in New Jersey back in the 1970s. I do remember chewing on stems, and it was not very pleasant…especially the first time I took too much in the form of a Hippie Cookie. I was floored! Fast forward to the gourmet edibles of today where the chefs in the kitchen have studied pastry in culinary school or are self-taught and “highly” inspired by fine French desserts. Whatever their inspiration, the story of great edibles are to be savored, one bite at a time. And like the finest dinner, dessert should not be an afterthought with regard to infused sweets. CannaCraft makes this job really easy to enjoy. Every bite brings a smile. 

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