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International Women’s Day, Celebrate Eight Female Leaders In Cannabis 2020

Liz & Angela. Photo credit: Jennifer Skog/MJ Lifestyle
MJ Lifestyle Magazine
Cannabis for all Womankind Liz & Angela.
Photo credit: Jennifer Skog

International Women’s Day, a global day that celebrates the economic, cultural, social, and political achievements of women, is March 8th. In honor of this day, even if I am a day late, I’m lucky to be able to share the enthusiasm and verve of the following women in cannabis who have faced adversity during their climb to success. I don’t mean that success can be quantified only by monetary means. What I call success occurs when a person is celebrated for their kindness, their humility, and yes, their ability to be something beyond the call of duty. These following women have created something from nothing. And with their talent comes notice— the kind that can’t be bought, because it comes from deep within. May I present these eight, very intriguing, female leaders in cannabis who get it.

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