Liesl Bernard Founder: CannabizTeam, Tangibly Grasping The Intricacies Of Cannabis Staffing 2020

Liesl Bernard (Stephanie Blue)
Liesl Bernard

I was first introduced to Liesl through Benzinga, the business of doing canna-biz event held in Miami Beach. Our paths kept missing, not your fault Liesl- I know you made a massive effort on my behalf. The world is a much smaller place now that I’ve become acquainted with Liesl and her intriguing staffing agency. She possesses humility. She is forthright and richly ambitious. When you speak to her, her words flow in a cadence that shows me that she smiles when she speaks. Does anyone else do this? I doubt it. As quickly as our hour or so on the phone wooshed by, I left our call thirsty for more information to the success of her company, her future.

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