Five Questions With Melissa Parker, Founder And CEO Of Reed’s Remedies

Melissa Parker
Melissa Parker

Five Questions with Melissa Parker, founder and CEO of Reed’s Remedies, a new line of CBD sprays that include Focus, Sleep, Calm, Detox, Desire, Relief, and introducing Soothe — a new pain mitigating lotion. Offering an exact 7 mg dose every time, Reed’s Remedies sprays combine the power of steam-distilled CBD in its absolute purest form with a dynamic blend of plant-based compounds (called terpenes) that, when combined, produce effects far more powerful than what any element could achieve alone. But there’s more to this line of CBD products found throughout Southern California’s Erewhon Market locations, which is why it’s a NEXTY Award finalist for “Best New Hemp/CBD Product” at the 2020 Natural Products West Expo, the nation’s largest annual gathering of health and wellness brands and retailers.

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