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A nice fresh pack of Space Coyote joints in my pocket…

I was recently out in California and although my time there was very short, I did have a moment to visit Med Men.

Visiting the Left Coast is always a thrill for me, since I was in my mid-teens when I stayed with my then-cool uncle at his home on the beach near Venice. I’m lucky to say that cannabis was woven into my deeply intricate past. But back to the dispensary visit on the thirty hours or fewer journey to the Los Angeles region. Thank you to those who took such good care of me during my sojourn, Justin and Rick especially made the two days very pleasant to say the very least.  The underlying reason? I had a nice fresh pack of Space Coyote joints in my pocket. Because I have always been interested in their product, I finally had a chance (at MedMen) to purchase a package, and then smoke one and then another.

As your intrepid cannabis aficionado, please allow me a moment to give you my insight into Space Coyote. Because they are infused with 10% hash, they take a bit getting used to from a flavor standard. The mix is quite remarkable. 90% Strawnana Flower and 10% Ice Cream Cake Hash. One might think that this blend sounds sweet and candy-like, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Each carefully assembled mini-joint is a joy to the palate and to the mind. The box reads, Get Glazed. That is very true. Because the mini-joint has some really righteous hash in it, you will get quite glazed. It’s really unavoidable. But that’s the rub. It took me only a tiny bit to really sense the effect, primarily because I hardly smoke hash anymore. Smoke a tiny bit of a Space Coyote joint, see how you feel and then smoke some more if you need to. Now, perhaps I can entice you with something that I can do well… Crafting some tasting notes for the mini pre-rolls named: Space Coyote.

The tin reads 2.5 grams. It’s handsome in overall design and quite slender in size, making the unobtrusive joint container the perfect foil against sometimes prying eyes.  Sliding open the tin, one discovers an inner sleeve and inside that there are several pre-rolled mini joints. It’s a clever way to package something like a mini pre-roll that can dry out quickly. The tiny resealable (by folding down) inner bag is most helpful to keep your pre-rolls fresh.

Of course, you could smoke them with your friends eliminating any interruptions or distractions from the task at hand. And that is enjoying your Space Coyote mini-pre-rolled joints with others.


Sizzling hot Brioche toast spun into a brown butter nose. Bursts of caramel corn and Black Dirt Island loam. The first pull is slightly sweet, but this moves quickly into more sophisticated notes of bitter chocolate and lemon marmalade. The hash element is graciously tucked into the setting with creamy notes of steaming hot corn pudding, napped with citrus oil. The entire package is woven into the never-ending finish.


I swear the smoke smells like a walk in a pine forest surrounded by woodland creatures who are curious as to what exactly I am doing there.  Coming into view under foot (running at high speed away from above said woodland creatures who now have me on their impromptu lunch menu…) and then dispersing in thin air is a mist of the most impossibly sticky sap raining down upon your entire periphery. The Space Coyote aromatics would smell like you think the air would taste. And if you had parked your car under one of these ancient trees oozing liquified sap and your windshield is now plastered in this thick overlay, you’d know what I am alluding to.

For some reason you feel compelled to lick this sticky pine froth that was coating most of your car. With each tiny lick of this sticky sap you’d know what a pull of Space Coyote represents to my taste buds. Oh, the magic this cannabis procures from me! It really works into my psyche. Space Coyote represents deeply the dreamlike effect of this tiny joint. Just enough to come back for more. I’ll revisit Space Coyote when I’m back out west again. Fun stuff.

The Experience:

Space Coyote is an inexpensive plane ticket to a place not yet discovered. I am charmed by the billows of thick, aromatic smoke and the deeper meaning encapsulated in the hash element. It is as if I am experiencing the art of getting stoned or glazed as the Space Coyote marketing reads in a new and unexpected way. I do recommend a couple things. Always when smoking hash, or any adjunct, less is more. You don’t have to be a hero and smoke the entire mini pre-pre-roll. I know it is small but let me tell you that you don’t need much for a deeply mystical experience. Should you live in California, you can get some and experience the fun of Space Coyote.

About Space Coyote:

Space Coyote is a cannabis company in a groove all their own. As California’s premiere infused joint maker, each Space Coyote combines high potency herb and delicious, out of this world extracts. Crafted for stoners by stoners, Space Coyote celebrates art, equality, and the psychedelic side of cannabis. Collaborations with cultivators, extract brands, and artists are at the core of Space Coyote’s mission. Each joint perfectly pairs full-bud flower with phenomenal concentrates like diamonds, live resin, and hash made by the top extract brands in California. Space Coyote is committed to the betterment of the planet and has an environmental focus on everything they do.

About Scott & Libby, Co-founders of Space Coyote:

Scott Sundvor and Libby Cooper are co-founders of Space Coyote. The idea for Space Coyote was conceptualized on one galactic night in Joshua Tree with a meteor shower overhead. They sought to merge together two previously segregated cannabis market segments — flower and extracts. Before Space Coyote, there was very little overlap between pre-roll consumers and concentrate consumers, and after years of rolling their own home-version of a Space Coyote, they wanted to bring them to market. Space Coyote combines high quality flower and well known, branded extracts into one delicious joint. This provides co-marketing opportunities to established extract brands, while in the process supporting small family farms growing the highest quality and most potent bud. Scott & Libby have developed a unique way of running Space Coyote where they alternate being the CEO and President, annually, as a statement of their equality. Scott was CEO at launch and 2019, Libby was CEO for 2020, and now Scott is CEO, again. Their roles within the company do not change with the title change, as they have very complimentary skills which do not cross over. It’s the perfect yin yang, one could say.

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Space Coyote co-founders Scott + Libby

If asked which joint captures my attention the most over all others, I would have to say the moment I discovered Space Coyote felt like the proverbial “coming home.” There are many pre-rolls on the market that I’ve tasted and written about, and all of them are worthy contenders for the best.

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