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I’m fascinated by the art of ‘pre-rolls’, primarily because I have a lot of trouble rolling a joint by hand. You would think after fifty years of enjoyment of the plant I’d have found my way towards joint rolling proficiency, but no! I’m next to inept. I say next to because of my cone making tool from Veosa out in New Mexico, but that’s not a hand rolled joint, although it looks like it is.

Truth be told, I usually don’t have the lung capacity to smoke an entire joint by myself, because I don’t have anyone to smoke with! That’s why I asked if Rhythm will be offering a smaller version of their celebrated 1 gram pre-roll, because I cannot finish an entire joint all by myself. Just wasteful for me!

There is another reason why pre-rolls are so attractive, you can taste through strains to learn more about them, without having to buy an entire eighth and finding that you don’t like what you purchased. That’s one of the key reasons to enjoy pre-rolled joints, diversity of flavors and effects.

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Sure, I could buy premade cones and stuff my own, but isn’t it more fun to try many different kinds of flower without making a large outlay of cash? That’s more like it.

WB: Why pre-rolls? Why not simply focus on your high quality flower?

Rythm: While flower is still king, the pre-roll category has been steadily gaining traction in popularity year after year. Recent data shows that pre-rolls have solidified their position as the third-largest product category in the US market, following closely behind Flower and Vape. We want to continue providing new ways for consumers to find their RYTHM, so naturally, RYTHM Remix was born to show love to the growing number of pre-roll fans. By infusing our premium indoor-grown flower with THCa diamonds, natural terps, and kief coating, RYTHM’s new line offers ultra-potent, convenient ways to consume.

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WB: What are they composed of? What’s in there? How did your scientists choose the concentrates? Why? Please explain what the concentrates are. Why are they important? What do they do.

Rythm: RYTHM Remix pre-rolls are double infused with THCa diamonds and kief to hit high marks in potency, and then infused with natural terpenes to offer bold & unique flavor experiences.
Our proprietary in-house isolate extraction methods allow for maximum cannabinoid infusion, without all the harshness and sub-optimal flavor profiles that can occur from other infusion methods. Our kief is sifted from only the highest-quality input material using fine mesh screens–This approach yields maximum trichome content, while limiting fine plant matter. The final output is a product that boasts high potency & smooth, clean combustion.

WB: How much do they weigh? Any plans to do smaller (.35) joints with more potent concentrates in them? Smaller is better! What’s the THC concentration?

Rythm: RYTHM Remix Pre-Rolls are filled with 1g of our premium flower. Be sure to keep an eye out for REMIX 0.5g five packs launching in April!
Available in 10 different strain profiles:
• Maui Wowie (Sativa)
• Strawberry Sour Diesel (Sativa)
• Mai Tai (Sativa)
• Blue Dream (Sativa)
• Durban Poison (Sativa)
• Pineapple Express (Hybrid)
• Watermelon Zkittles (Indica)
• Strawberry Short Cake (Indica)
• Blue Zkittles (Indica)
• Blueberry Kush (Indica)

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Photos courtesy of Rythm