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Mamont Vodka Debuts At Two Of The Hippest Spots In The Hamptons!!

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer in the U.S. and for New Yorkers that means heading East to escape the city heat and enjoy the historic seaside towns and swanky social scene.  I was ecstatic to go to the Hamptons for the first time this season to partake in the festivities.  One of the weekend’s most coveted events was the AVENUE on the Beach magazine kickoff party where Mamont Vodka made its debut at the hottest new restaurant KOZU, a restaurant by day and nightclub beach house by night.

Guests nibbled on flavorful ceviche and sushi rolls from KOZU’s Japanese/Peruvian menu while mingling to the eclectic tunes on the outdoor patio.  To beat the heat, mixologist Warren Bobrow was busy concocting Siberian Surf specialty cocktails that included Mamont Vodka, Fruitations Grapefruit Syrup, and Pechaud’s Bitters.  I loved the drink’s refreshing aroma and others couldn’t get enough of the Siberian vodka either as they lined up to experience the smooth flavor and admired the massive ice sculpture on display.


Ceviche at Kozu
Ceviche at Kuzu

Also on hand at the event was Blushington, the professional makeup application service, which was offering attendees fresh makeup touchups to ensure they looked picture perfect for the occasion.

After the bash at Kozu, I headed to the northern tip of Long Island in Montauk where trendsetters gathered to celebrate the holiday weekend at another hotspot, The Surf Lodge where New York City nightclub Goldbar had its pop up bar located. The venue was jam packed with gorgeous models in boho chic fringy dresses and sky-high wedges, while the men had button down shirts and shorts reminiscent of Polo ads.

To create even more of a summer atmosphere, beach scenes were projected on a large indoor screen of one of my favorite childhood comedy films, Back to the Beach with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. Outdoors, patrons took in the views of the coastline and enjoyed the evening while sipping on Mamont Vodka’s Siberian Surf cocktails, one of the sole sponsors of the event.

The collaboration between the vodka and the venue will continue throughout the summer during key holiday weekends, including 4th of July and Labor Day.

Siberian Surf Signature Cocktail



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Musing on Mamont

I never fully got it about Mamont until I drank it in Moscow. It was there, in the Ministry of Science that I felt the deep inner meaning of Vodka. And I knew at that moment this was one of the worlds best. And I had to share it. 1/2 oz at a time.

Mamont Vodka
Mamont Vodka; Photo by Warren Bobrow.
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10 Bar Cart Essentials By Tyler Wisler

The hottest home accessory I can think of right now is a bar cart! It’s all the rage! Why? Because everyone loves a cocktail, and everyone loves an easily accessible cocktail. This functional piece of furniture allows you to proudly display your collection of liquor and glasses, and everything is presented in a way that makes you feel like you’re living in a suite at The Plaza.

The Rosalind Tea Cart is one of my favorite options right now…the perfect marriage of form, finish and function.


So once you have that perfect bar cart for your space, what exactly should you have on it? What are the essentials? Well, I asked my good friend, Warren Bobrow – a critically acclaimed mixologist and author of several amazing cocktail books – to chime in on the subject.

For a well-rounded bar, he suggests having the following supplies on hand :

  1. A London dry gin, like Boodles.
  2. A botanical gin, like Hendrick’s.
  3. A rye whiskey.
  4. A bourbon for mixing, like Four Roses.
  5. A vodka, like the new Mamont from Siberia.
  6. A bottle of dry vermouth, like Dolin, and sweet vermouth, like Carpano – be sure to refrigerate.
  7. For rum, get a blend, like Mezan XO, and a single batch, like the Mezan Panama 2006.
  8. An orange-flavored cordial, so you can use it in margaritas or gin, vodka and even bourbon-based cocktails.
  9. A fine tequila (and if you’re super esoteric, a bottle of Mescal. No worms though! That just isn’t done.)
  10. A bottle of single malt scotch from India or Japan as a refreshing counterpart to your basic scotch whiskey.

Blog_Apr 2 Whiskey

A selection of cane sugar sodas, tonic – sweet and dry – and some shrub syrups are fun, too. There are also plenty of funky bitters that come in all sizes and shapes and have droppers.

One wild card ingredient is balsamic vinegar! Bobrow confesses that he loves making cocktails with it. He says it adds a certain twang to the drink. A white balsamic can also sit on the bar, as it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

So now that your bar cart is stocked, what to make? Well, let’s impress your guests with a yummy Manhattan recipe!

  • Fill three quarters of a cocktail glass with ice
  • Add 3-5 oz of bourbon whiskey
  • Add 1 tbsp of white balsamic vinegar
  • Add 1/2 oz of Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
  • Stir 40 times…
  • Strain into a pre-chilled martini glass that has a couple drops of orange bitters, and garnish your drink with a cherry

Now that you have the best cocktails and decor, your home will be the new hot spot in no time. Cheers!


Klaus, Mamont, Mezan & Garmany

Klaus and I at Garmany of Red Bank, NJ!

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