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Crafted Taste has included my Thai Spiced Ginger Beer recipe!




Listen up, folks. The Cocktail Whisperer, Warren Bobrow, is here with an earthy, refreshing, well-balanced summer cocktail that’s utterly unique. Introducing: the Thai-Spiced Ginger Beer, with flavors of root beer, mint, and ginger.

Warren Bobrow is an award-winning author, mixologist, cocktail journalist, spirits judge, and all-around industry heavyweight. Bobrow’s newest book, Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics, promotes the homeopathic values of cannabis and explores such benefits when paired with cocktails. To celebrate this month’s book release, we’re featuring a virgin version of Bobrow’s Thai-Spiced Ginger Beer. 

For your cocktail, Art in the Age Organic Root Liqueur (think premium root beer taste) will mix with freshly brewed mint tea and spicy Q Ginger Beer. Hudson & Lee‘s Honey Simple Syrup provides sweetness, while the Bitter End‘s Jamaican Jerk Bitters offers just a hint of spice. Pour over lemon zest ice cubes and be refreshed.

For more summertime refreshment, we’ll show you how to use your AITA Root Liqueur for boozy root beer floats too!

FYI – The original Thai-Spiced Ginger Beer recipe calls for a “medicated simple syrup”, which infuses cannabis in a homemade honey simple syrup.Sorry – we can’t ship cannabis in our cocktail kits. However, for those subscribers that have legal access in their state, our kit will provide Bobrow’s recipe for medicated simple syrup. Each kit will also include a special discount code for purchase of the Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics through Quarto Publishing.