Saka Thanksgiving Cocktail

What would you say if I told you that wine (ok, to be quite fair, it’s wine with a very little w…, because there is no alcohol in the wine!) was in this case, infused with a very rapid onset THC? Would you be as intrigued as I am? In this case, if you live in or near Southern California, you can purchase a bottle and try it for yourself. Because Saka is unlike your usual quaff, and there is no hangover! This is a “highly” sophisticated cannabis infused beverage for the discerning cannabis aficionado who also loves fine wine.

Saka is unlike anything I have tasted on the market, at least in the realm of THC infused beverages. This is really good stuff that also gets you quite buzzed and fast!

It’s so good that I created a lovely holiday punch using this quite delicious “Mock”tail.

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