Otto Sabina And Kushmasters, Exceptional Cannabis Concentrates

Otto Sabina
Otto Sabina

I met Otto recently out in Colorado on a snowy and ten degree, brutally frozen morning. I think the first thing I asked him was if he had snow tires and what was he driving to be able to maneuver up and down the mountains in relentless rush-hour traffic. I shouldn’t have worried much when I learned that Otto waited all summer long to ski the expert slopes on the nearby mountains that surround the Denver, Colorado region. If he had to be somewhere that involved skiing or driving in the snow, he was going to get there, no excuses. The back-story is that I live in New Jersey and put snow tires on my car, even though it hardly snows here. Not like Colorado. They have a different experience of what snow means. Silly me! So up to Boulder we went on hardly plowed roads covered with a veneer of slick ice. Not being behind the wheel was a bit disconcerting, but I got over my fear with the ever-confident Otto at the wheel.

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