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Five Timely Questions With Gunhee Park Founder Of Populum

Gunhee Park
Gunhee Park

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about yourself. What path did you take to cannabis (CBD)? Why cannabis?

Gunhee Park=GP: My name is Gunhee Park, and I’m the founder of Populum. I’m originally from South Korea and I immigrated to the US when I was 15. Growing up, I had a lot of health issues where my mom would have to make weekly visits to the doctor. During that time, my mom also turned to traditional Eastern herbal medicine, investing a lot of time and effort in getting me all these plant-based supplements. The most exotic supplement I’ve tried is a Divlji ginseng. These strains grow undisturbed deep in the mountains for decades and is supposed to be more potent (and effective) than regular farm cultivated ginseng. CBD piqued my interest in 2015, as I became more familiar with the hemp plant. While I initially enjoyed the nutritional advantages of eating hemp seeds and protein, I was particularly drawn to hemp-derived CBD for its benefits as a plant-based supplement. At the same time, I was initially skeptical with CBD as I often found exaggerated claims from brands that promote CBD oil as some form of cure-all. After spending some time looking for reputable and trustworthy products, I realized how difficult it was to find a brand that was transparent and honest about what they were selling. Eventually, I realized that this lack of information and credibility was depriving the public of access to CBD, and through Populum, I set out to help reframe the way people view CBD, and to provide high-quality, trustworthy hemp products to conscious consumers like myself. 

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