Meet Warren Bobrow, The King of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics©!!

By: A.C. Burgess @theloudbank

Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics © is a great name for this incredible bible of bud laced beverages by the King of Cannabis Cocktails, Warren Bobrow. Some of you may have heard of him and some may not have. If you enjoy cannabis, then he is one to get to know. He is not someone who decided to mix some drinks with weed. What he did do is create a book of history, direction, philosophy, with a creativity in mixology and a natural approach to spirited drinking using cannabis.

Warren is the author of a few other books related to syrups, bitters, whiskey cocktails and more. He has lived a very interesting life after working in the private banking industry for 20 years. Since that time he has been traveling, teaching & writing globally for magazines, cocktail & food blogging, doing restaurant reviews, and attending festivals. He has put all of these experiences together and now presents this wonderful book called Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics, The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations.

This well crafted cannabis cocktail catalog, shows us a different way to consume cannabis without smoking or effecting our surrounding. As the legalities of cannabis continues to be of concern to some of us, we will still need to be discrete in the way we consume cannabis, and coffees, teas, fruit drinks and cocktails are all ways to achieve privacy when indulging. Warren has loaded this book with great information on how to pick your cannabis, prepare your cannabis, strengthen and maximize it with a method called decarbonization. He shows you how, what and when to indulge medically, even ways to gain composure after a little too much. He has covered all the bases with this one.


We received our copy of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics © and was impressed how well put together the hardback collection of 75 cannabis infused drinks and tonic recipes was. At first glance we knew this would be one for the recipe collection for a long time. It was built that way.  At LoudBank, we  already have this magnetic attraction to cannabis, so this was another monumental moment to learn something new. A change of pace from smoking, dabbing, vaping, the trial and errors of learning those techniques. The thought of chilling with a cannabis based cocktail and nobody knows, was relaxing. Guess whats in my drink? The ever so clear instructions from Warren on how to blend them was comforting. Bringing life back to the bar in the kitchen or basement by introducing new flavors, stocking the bar with cannabis infused preps. adding new garnishes and spices to bring a whole new element to drinking.


Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics © is great for the first timers also. Guiding a conscious drinker or beginner mixologist with basic measurements and ingredients to make syrups and creams for a perfect cocktail. Let Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics be the teacher and before you know it your mixing the right strain for the right situation. All of the details and procedures are here, step for step, to make anything from a hangover curing Bloody Good Remedy, (mocktailing the Bloody Mary), to a simple refreshing salty sweet lemonade.

After reading about all the different drinks, coffees, spirits and mocktails we thought it was time time to have our first cannabis infused mocktail. We choose to make the popular and refreshing Mock-Cosmopolitan. With this one, we could put together with a few ingredient already in stock and compare to something we already know.  It was enlightening, adding the special medicated rich cannabis infused syrup ingredient, instead of using alcohol. To my surprise it was very good. Just a great combination of balanced refreshing flavors. I am already looking at the book for another cocktail recipe. Beware though, Warren would suggest that you treat these delicious beverages with the same respect you would give any other alcoholic drink. They are very good and just as potent!


As we see it, this book of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics © will be around for ages. You’ll love this book for special occasions, holidays and as a special treat for the 420 friendly guest. Its a must have for those who prefer not to smoke, those who would love to medicate in more social and less offensive manner. Are you ready to try something different? If you love cannabis period, Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics is great book to start or add to you recipe collection.

Our rating is based on good instructions, good recipes, being well written, a solid hardback, and how much a benefit to all medical and recreational cannabis users.

By Warren_Bobrow

Warren is the cofounder and CEO of, the finest terpene forward, craft cannabis cocktail in the world. He's written Apothecary Cocktails-Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today, Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails: Restorative Vintage Cocktails, Mocktails, and Elixirs , Whiskey Cocktails : Rediscovered Classics and Contemporary Craft Drinks Using the World's Most Popular Spirit, Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations, and the Craft Cocktail Compendium (2017)
Warren Bobrow has been a pot scrubber, dishwasher, the owner of the first company to make fresh pasta in South Carolina , a television engineer in New York City, and he even worked at the famed club named Danceteria. He became a trained chef from the dish sink up; this unfortunately led to a mostly unsuccessful twenty year career in private banking.
Currently a cannabis, wine and travel aficionado, Warren is a former international rum judge and craft spirits national brand ambassador.
He works full time in the cannabis business as an alchemist/journalist/CEO. Instagram: warrenbobrow