My dad wasn’t thrilled that I smoked cannabis. At all… It’s a “Jersey” thing.

It’s my hope that you have a cool dad, because mine certainly was not. He was completely and utterly stigmatized. Really too bad, it may have steered my life differently. Oh well.

Should this really cool dad who is your dad smoke weed, well then you are the luckiest daughter or son in the world. I’m jealous!

Your nonchalant dad should be celebrated for his open-minded approach to the plant. But first, what kind of cannabis to buy for your dad on Father’s Day?

If he enjoys the finest wines, you can buy him wine.  I can help you in this regard, but this article is not about wine. Far from. It’s about the three choices you should make for Father’s Day if your dad smokes weed.

The first cannabis product that I think your dad will just go crazy over, is a mini-pre-roll joint named Dog Walkers Pre-Rolls. They come in a small, handsomely designed tin and are intentionally sized. What does that mean? Well, they aren’t an entire gram. Most pre-rolls are at least a gram or more, which may cause you to forget that you were walking the dog in the first place.

The idea of a dogwalker mini-pre-roll is having just enough weed to enjoy while you walk your dog around the block. No more than a healthy pinch!

Each mini dog pre-roll is perfect for an evening promenade while the larger big dog is ideal for those lengthier walks with your special pup. (You see the correlation here, right? The Mini Dog pre-roll and Big Dog pre-roll… Hence the name, Dog Walkers!)

I loved the little tin that I sampled. They really got me stoned in four words or less.

(I got really stoned!)

A portion of proceeds goes back to deserving animal shelters across the country.

The second weed that I sampled lately is medical. From Rythm in New Jersey (It’s Medical Cannabis!) their Rythm “Brownie Scout” Flower is flower elegantly elevated; skillfully urbane and fastidiously cured. Rythm’s premium flower offers peak potency, opulent aromatics and complex flavors of deep loam and bursts of rich stone fruit compote. Brownie Scout is one of Rythm’s most popular Indica strains that crosses Platinum Girl Scout Cookies with Stardog Guava. I tend to move towards Indica strains later in the afternoon as the day slips way from bright to dark. Rhythm is gourmet cannabis that offers a languid experience that doesn’t weigh you down. Quite the opposite in fact. Although my body is relaxed with Brownie Scout, my mind is crystalline and razor sharp. Lovely!

Of course, you want to do more for your dad than buy him just another necktie or plonk bottle of Merlot wine. With the stay-at-home workday being a thing of the present rather than of the past, your dad is working harder to pay your bills. It’s your time to reward him for his best efforts.

After all, he took care of you even when he wasn’t feeling up to snuff. You want to impress him!

I think one of the best ways to astound your father is by smoking some really great California cannabis with him. My opinions on which variety to choose from varies broadly on this regard, but for your dad may I please suggest the really cool, pre-roll flight from Canndescent.

Canndescent Pre-Roll Flight is in my opinion, the most suitable way to test-drive each of Canndescent’s luxury effects in their own proprietary, craft cannabis cultivars: Calm, Cruise, Connect, Create and Charge. Each perfectly fashioned pre-roll is stunningly presented using their own 100% ultra-premium flower. I am a massive fan of Canndescent cannabis because of the flavors that their talented growers coax out of the plant. Each puff deeply excites my palate. They are bright and vibrant against my tongue and lips. They get me comfortable with the present tense. Last year I was tasting through some recent purchases and Canndescent was amongst those brands that consistently fascinate me. The overall effort they put into each plant at Canndescent is truly brilliant. You should get some for your dad. He appreciates your good taste.