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Five Questions With Hip Cannabis Entrepreneur: Mario Guzman, Founder Of SHERBINSKIS

Mario Guzman
Photo Credit Pip Cowley

I recently had the great honor of tasting SHERBINSKIS Cannabis while attending the yearly Emerald CupThe Emerald Cup is unlike any other event I’ve ever had the honor of attending. How can this be explained? It is like a massive state fair, but only for cannabis, and you can buy anything that is displayed for awards- within reason and weight legality of course! I traveled out from New Jersey to attend the Granddaddy of all cannabis harvest fairs in the world, but not just around the corner. I knew that I had limited time to spend searching for SHERBINSKIS, even though there was a plethora of dispensaries that carry this ultra-luxe brand, I just couldn’t figure out when I could get away from the task at hand, covering the Emerald Cup for Forbes Vices .

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