Tinley Tonics
Tinley tonics High Horse

1. Tinley High Horse Spicy Ginger & Lime Sparkling Tonic. This is tasty stuff, I played with it recently and feel it would be best mixed with an extremely high quality craft rum like Foursquarein a rocks glass with a twist of lime. No, I’m not directly advocating mixing THC with craft spirits, but it wouldn’t hurt. After all, I wrote the first book on combining craft spirits and gourmet THC, named Cannabis Cocktails. It would be a memorable, stony beverage. HIGH HORSE™ Spicy Ginger, Lime & Pineapple Jack Sativa “Our stubbornly good recipe, crafted as a non-alcoholic tonic with a kick of ginger extract, lime essences and premium sativa cannabis for a social, euphoric effect.”

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