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Five Questions With Andrew Mack: Founder/CEO Of Project Make And OLO

Andrew Mack OLO CEO

Five Questions with Andrew Mack: Founder and CEO of Project Make and OLO

I’ve enjoyed the good fortune to have shared time at the dinner table with Andrew Mack, the gracious and humble owner of Project Make & OLO. We spent a lovely several hours drinking some pretty serious wines along with some well matched “Country Cuisine” from the restaurant named simply, Lazy Bear in San Francisco. Andrew is humble about his many achievements with an easy smile and a kind voice. He may be from the Big City (New York) but he speaks patiently offering tidbits of what he is thinking of working on next, without saying too much. There is much going on in Andrew’s brain, he is an entrepreneur and a dreamer of big things. Aren’t they similar? No, not at all. Andrew thinks in crisp metrics and dreams in possibilities. He’s an intellect without making everyone else feel uncomfortable. Share a meal with him, you’ll see! Until then, please enjoy meeting Andrew Mack. He’s a good guy, enjoy his energy and enthusiasm. Cheers! wb

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