Five Focused Questions With Erin Gore Founder Of Garden Society

nice headshot of Erin Gore

Erin Gore, Founder of Garden Society

It’s ironic that the very flowers that I desire the most are the ones which are the most illusive to find out east. Of course if circumstances permitted, I’m pretty sure I could find the time to taste through the line of Garden Society offerings out on the west coast if I only got out there more often! Hence the written word and the ability to create thirst out of words. When I started to dig a bit deeper, I learned that Garden Society, like the wine propagated in the region had many similarities. One of the most profound was the use of Biodynamics. My own childhood farm was for a time, Certified Biodynamic. It’s pretty stringent and Organics are another route entirely. Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamics may not have used cannabis, but his theories and practices adhere to these principals in the garden with alacrity.

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