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Five Liberating Questions For 2020 With CannaGrow Expo Raconteur Jessi Rae

Photo Credit: Jenna Normandin CannaConnections
Jessi Rae, COO of CannaConnections, producers of CannaGrow, DispensaryNext and Science of Cannabis

There are way more than five reasons why someone should attend CannaConnections’ CannaGrow Expo,  a two day expo dedicated to the art and science of cannabis production. First of all, the depth of the experience makes the excursion worthwhile. CannaGrow is meant to celebrate our plant, the reason for healing! CannaGrow is more than just a good excuse to dig a bit deeper into cannabis, it’s a group experience. I’ve found that when groups of people get together and talk about formerly forbidden subjects, that’s when real change takes place. And why not? We all have something to learn, and to share. Cannabis is like that! Due to the importance of such an event, I took some time out of my busy travel schedule to ask CannaConnections COO Jessi Rae five bold questions about her journey and why you should attend the 10th national U.S. edition taking place April 17th and 18th, 2020, in Chicago, Illinois, at the Marriott Marquis Chicago. You’ll be convinced by the end of this interview. I wish I had more time!

Photo credit: Jenna Normandin
Jessi Rae
Photo credit: Jenna Normandin

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