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Cryo Cure is a Quality Driven Method to an End

Cryo Cure is a quality-driven method to an end. In this case, the end connotates perfectly cured cannabis. What Cryo Cure has achieved is remarkable; it’s so light, so fluffy, and so very terpy!

Ok, so I made up that word, terpy- It means to me the scent of the perfectly cured cannabis flower. Those juicy aromatics that ooze out of your glass jar, immediately filling the room with her distinctive perfume.

Everyone has had that moment when you’ve just scored that perfect eighth from your weed dealer, and you want to open the jar in your car to see what you got. You do, and suddenly the spicy sweetness of the cannabis plant fills the air thickly surrounding you in the skunky, fuel-scented breeze. And looking over your shoulders, you notice not one but two police cars on either side of your leased car. That pungent scent of weed is everywhere! It envelops you in what I said is terpy air! You cannot get away from the aromatics. Wow, will they smell me?

Oh, that would never happen to you these days because the local police have much bigger fish to fry. At least here in New Jersey. And that eighth of Cryo Cure Cannabis is safe for the moment because you’ll be enjoying it deeply into your lungs very shortly thereafter.

To celebrate your good fortune that you didn’t get pulled over for weed this time. Whew, that was close! Stigmatized and ostracized, our plant.

However, later- after you’ve gotten over the shock of the hour, something truly unique and pleasurable will pass through your lips. Cryo Cure is what this disruptive brand is called. The methodology is created through sub-freezing temperatures, and this technique preserves the plant in a frozen state of suspended animation. The color of the final trimmed bud is vibrant, and the aromatics practically fill the room with the sweet scent of triumph. The texture of the flower is soft and moist, not dried out but perfectly cured in every way. Succulent against your lips and no coughing ever. There is not a bit of harshness in Cryo Cure Cannabis. I usually have a lot of difficulties smoking cannabis for the reason that most cannabis is poorly cured, leaving it harsh against my throat and lungs. What Cryo Cure has achieved is remarkable to me. Truly gourmet, luxury cannabis with a twist. The twist is succinctly apparent because you can utilize technology that is completely different than the norm.

In a world driven by bottom-line metrics, efficiency, speed, and ultra-quality flowers are everything.

I’m not sure what the strain was that I smoked, but it was translucent in overall effect; a certain clarity in the high that wasn’t overwhelming, yet it contained deeply pronounced creaminess to the burn as ultra-high-end cannabis sometimes offers me.

Again, I didn’t cough, even once. This is ultra-gourmet cannabis, to begin with, treated with kindness and love.

I wonder what it would be like to use Cryo Cure Cannabis in building a real craft cocktail infused with THC? Is that bad? Should I be experimenting with adding weed to liquor? Will I get that thing called a crossfade?

The answer is yes, no, maybe, and most absolutely.

David Balfour Punch

Named for the resourceful protagonist in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Kidnapped, this refreshing tipple is just as enterprising, and yes, you will experience the much-anticipated crossfade. It’s both marvelous and absolutely unavoidable, so please do not underestimate the feeling you get. That’s why I suggest only using small amounts of cannabis to start.

My pro-tip? Start really slowly when infusing your cannabis in a craft (THC) cocktail. Don’t destroy your friends and family. It’s very easy to do with this friendly, Irish Whiskey Punch. Oh, you may have noticed that Irish Whiskey is similar to Bourbon. Most Irish Whiskey is aged in charred American Oak barrels, formerly used to age Bourbon Whiskey (again, with an e).

Scotch, on the other hand, is spelled Whisky, without the e. Don’t make that mistake and spell Scotch with an e. There is no “E” in Scotch Whisky. You may want to try making this punch with a decent blended Whisky or even a nice smoky Mezcal— but please, save your dad’s expensive single malt for a clean glass without ice, please. He won’t be happy if you use that twenty-five-year-old Islay Whisky for a punch mixed with your weed. I’ll hazard a guess that he’d be absolutely livid. Trust me on this one. I did it with an unfortunate ending for me.

But back to the Irish Whiskey. It’s slightly honeyed with aromatic snippets of hand-cut grass and slightly sweet bursts of wet minerals and sprinkles of saline, sea salt. Irish Whiskey lends itself perfectly to the combination of perfumed garden-fresh mint, tart freshly squeezed lemonade, and a most alluring simple syrup made from funky Demerara sugar and, of course, a good portion of cannabis.


David Balfour Punch. For at least ten persons.

Pre-work: infusing the THC into the Demerara Simple Syrup using the Levo2.

Prepare a batch of simple syrup- 1:1 ratio of boiling water to Demerara Sugar

Add to the infusion tank of the Levo2- 1 cup total liquid… Add desired amount of cannabis, I’d say start with a gram or two. My recipe has 1 ounce per liquid cup, it’s pretty potent.


1-750 ml. bottle of good Irish Whiskey, expect to pay about thirty dollars for the pleasure

2 Quarts freshly made lemonade, sweetened to taste with your Demerara/THC Syrup

1 cup fresh mint, very well washed!

Large cube of Coconut Water Ice- I used a gallon-sized milk jug for my giant ice cube for the punch bowl

Orange Bitters

Angostura Bitters


Place your large coconut water ice cube into a punch bowl

Cover with one bottle of Irish Whiskey

Add the Two Quarts of freshly made THC infused lemonade over the Whiskey

Scatter the mint over the top after you’ve slapped it. Place the mint in your hand and slap it…

Dot with at least twenty shakes of the orange bitters and equal that with Angostura

Mix and serve in teacups, pinkies up optional……

This stuff hits in a few minutes. Be sitting down.

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