Infused Condensed Milk

Try this infused condensed milk recipe for your next cup of Thai iced tea, Vietnamese coffee, or canna-mocktail. It won’t upset the family members who don’t care for the smell of burning herb filling in the air!

Author: Warren Bobrow

Try our infused condensed milk with coffee!

Image of Infused Condensed Milk


  • flower
  • condensed milk



  1. Pack your LEVO herb pod with flower.
  2. Set your Activate cycle and relax (remember, this is a dry cycle, no oil or butter should be added until you begin infusing!)
  3. Fill the LEVO reservoir with one cup of condensed milk and set it to 160ºF for 3 hours.
  4. Relax!
  5. After 3 hours, your LEVO will turn off and you’ll have steaming hot, infused condensed milk.


  1. Pour however much of this creamy liquid you like into a mocktail, cocktail, tres leches cake, Vietnamese coffee, or Thai tea or whatever your heart desires!

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