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Canndescent’s Chief Marketing Officer Sam Arellano Goes Deeper Into Five Questions

Canndescent's Chief Marketing Officer - Sam Arellano
Canndescent’s Chief Marketing Officer – Sam Arellano 

Warren Bobrow=WB: How do you set up a successful brand in the cannabis space? 

Sam Arellan0=SA: How you approach building your brand should not be qualified by the space you operate within. As in any industry, start by understanding the audience you wish to engage with. You should know them as well, if not better than they know themselves. The most successful brands regardless of industry are predictive – they know what we want before we do. They revolutionize and modernize the way we think, act and shop. Successful brands become prisms by which paradigms shift and new ones get created. In cannabis, Canndescent operates like this.  How does this differ from mainstream brands?  It doesn’t. Good brands regardless of industry are like good conversations. That is to say they are reciprocal, meaningful and mutually beneficial.

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