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5 Important Questions: Botanist, Mother, Farmer, Katie Jeane/Emerald Spirit Botanicals

wedded bliss
Wedded Bliss: River Haggard, Joseph Haggard, Catherine Hutchison, Katie Jeane.

A healer, botanist, mother, farmer, and former Waldorf school kindergarten teacher, cannabis expert Katie Jeane often refers to herself as being “called” to a particular course of action. Katie has experienced this calling multiple times in her life, and she describes it as a guiding internal voice thathas led her to build an earthen cob house by hand as well as use her wisdom and careful eye to grow some of the best sun grown craft cannabis in the Emerald Triangle, including the super rare THCV-rich flower she and her family call “Pink Boost Goddess.” A citizen scientist whose experience in botany has yielded fascinating results, Katie Jeane and her family steward a business they call Emerald Spirit Botanicals.

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