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Xiaolin Cannagars: A Mindful Experience

Xiaolin Cannagar

To become an authentic Shaolin Monk takes a lifetime of deep study. A Shaolin Monk practices certain ancient forms of Chinese Martial Arts for their entire life. Being one with nature is the ultimate ambition of the Shaolin Monk

The same holds true for the quest of supreme fineness. Each wispy inhalation, cajoled into a much different format than the pure training of martial arts.

That is, quite succinctly, the art of a Xiaolin Cannagar. I’ve had the good providence to imbibe several of these hand-crafted cannagar gems over the past few years, made by and smoked with profound mindfulness, by the master cannagar craftsman himself, Christopher Louie.

But first, what goes into a cannagar from Xiaolin?

That arrangement would be the tangle of ultra-exclusive herbs and ample drippings of exotic cannabis concentrates. Pressed, aged and pressed again into very specific stylistic forms, the shape is similar to a cigar.  But unlike the Puro Co, prepared with a shell of tobacco, the Xiaolin cannagar has no tobacco. It is comprised of the finest craft cannabis available in Colorado. These élite cultivars are nurtured in exceedingly small aggregates for a very selective few.

Then of course there are the cannabis concentrates.

Xiaolin Cannagars are not only built with the most wonderful cannabis flower, they are gushing with lushly scented and deeply persuasive cannabis concentrates. These carefully applied concentrates take the cannabis aficionado to another level. Pressed, aged in a humidity controlled setting and carefully hand-wrapped in a variety of casings, like rice paper, gold leaf foil (smokable) or combinations of handmade rolling paper that look like hundred-dollar bills. You can even get organically raised rose petals if you desire.

Each cannagar arrives formed by hand to exemplify these rare objects of desire. And they don’t come cheaply, so start saving your codder now.

If you find yourself in Colorado, make it your business to seek out a couple Xiaolin Cannagars for yourself and some more for your trusted friends.

But first you must find the time to smoke these beautiful creations that stem from genuinely creative minds, as each cannagar smokes for a minimum of one full hour and up to several hours depending on the size of the cannabis cigar or how much you can smoke in a sesh.

Xiaolin Cannagars will change your impression of what actually connotes gourmet craft cannabis. It’s the really good stuff!

Pro Tip?

Get yourself a sharp cigar cutter.

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