Winter Punch Antilles du Saka

Cannabis Cocktail master Warren Bobrow brings in the new year with a New Year’s day winter punch created with the award winning Saka Pink, and we are all looking forward to tasting it!

Photo Credit: Cocktails de L’Apothicaire By Warren Bobrow

Saka Pink was carefully selected as the perfect mixer for this wonderfully well balanced sipper.It should be served ideally in a coupe glass, which you may remember also used to be used for Champagne.If you are still using them for Champagne, STOP NOW!Only use it for this cocktail.For Champagne, use a Burgundy glass.. much, much better.

Photo Credit: Traci Seville

Saka New Year’s Punch Made even more effervescent with Fruitations Tangerine Syrup and Pickett’s Ginger Beer



1 750 ml bottle of  Saka— THC Infused-dealcoholized Napa Valley wine
6 oz. Fruitations Pure Natural Tangerine Simple Syrup
4- 12 oz. Cans of Ginger Beer- I used Pickett’s – it’s Authentic and in a can!
10 shakes of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters
Grilled orange slices
Prep: For a crowd
Add all the liquid ingredient (except for the ginger beer) into a punch bowl Mix carefully and completely Add a block of ice Add the Ginger Beer fizzy soda Add the lime bitters Add the grilled orange slices Stir again and serve to a very thirsty crowd