Vietnamese Iced Chicory Coffee | Infused

From Cannabis Cactus!!

If you’ve ever been to a Vietnamese restaurant you may have enjoyed a Vietnamese Iced Chicory Coffee. This salubrious hand-held sipper is the perfect way to ease yourself into your day. The creamy sweet richness of the condensed milk acts as a foil against the bitter qualities of the chicory coffee. But first, why use chicory coffee? Chicory is a taproot from the dandelion family. It’s dried, roasted and ground very much like coffee but at a much lower price-point. Also, Chicory doesn’t contain any caffeine, so there is a small health benefit in using this type of liquid in your soon to be cannabis infused drink. I just like the flavor of it, slightly nutty in the mouth, woodsy, rich and tactile against the palate. Mixing a portion of chicory coffee with your usual morning cup of regular coffee beverage is a nice change of pace for your stomach. The combination just tastes delicious especially when served over ice and drizzled THC infused condensed milk. As an added bonus you can bring a portion of the THC infused condensed milk with you and dose your own coffee beverages as you like and as strong as you desire!

I use the Levo2 for my condensed milk infusion. First of all, the Levo2, unlike other magical-type machines on the market, decarbs your flowers efficiently and peacefully. If you are still using your oven to decarb your herbs, the process is flawed from the get/go. Your oven cycles in temperature widely, making for an inefficient decarb. Not precise enough for my needs, or yours. I decarb my flowers for about an hour at 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Then I add one cup of room temperature condensed milk to the vessel and set the timer for three hours at 160 degrees, a slight bubble-simmer if you are doing this in a double-boiler on the stove. 

Let your condensed milk cool completely and keep in a closed container in the fridge for about a week. 

Master Recipe for THC infused Condensed Milk in a Vietnamese Iced (THC infused) Chicory Coffee