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Tiny But Mighty: Sundae School Mini-Joints Charm

Sundae School

From the very first glance, be it on an angle, or straight into your hand, lighting your tiny, but mighty joint and inhaling deeply brings solace. Through inhaling the healing vapors you can feel into your very soul that Sundae School mini-joints are something extremely special. If you think that you’ve tried excellent cannabis in the past I implore you to seek out Sundae School’s offerings in the cannabis vein. The tiny tin boxes come emblazoned with the messages of the moment. Eureka. Uplift. Brain, Cardio, Boost. They are known professionally as Bullets. I’ve always thought of this size of joint as a dog-walk joint, just enough to walk your dog and make a new friend at the same time.

Sundae School is the smokable incarnation of much dreaming.

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