Five Cool Questions For Neil Wiesner: Cannabis Attorney

Neil Wiesner 

Warren Bobrow=WB: Where are you from? Why get into the legal aspects of cannabis? Did you go to business school or just law school? Who is your mentor?

Neil Wiesner=NW: Im from New York City and, when I was in college, it was only the rare weirdo who wasn’t smoking marijuana. At that time, pot was the least favorite of my recreational drug choices. That was nearly forty years ago, and I hear what’s out there now bears little resemblance to what I was familiar with back then. I think drug laws in general are horrible. There are certainly safety and health issues related to drugs, but I do not believe the correct response is their criminal prohibition. When I was in prison, I was in rooms daily with men who, collectively, lost thousands of years of life to confinement as a result of drug criminalization.

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