What I Did On My Summer Vacation: Hall Of Flowers

What I did on my summer vacation...
Hall Of Flowers

While you were at the beach, reaching for another frosty beer during the final weeks of summer, I was getting ready for the Hall of Flowers. But first, what is the Hall of Flowers? Hall of Flowers is the bi-yearly event that takes place at the historic Sonoma County Fairgrounds located in Santa Rosa, California. Three buildings were packed to the gills this season with dozens more craft cannabis producers in evidence. But first, Hall of Flowers isn’t open to the general public. Far from a stoner event, there is serious business happening in each booth. But please don’t get me wrong for even a moment about the subject matter. The business of cannabis is a fluid, organic being. Opportunities present themselves in a vastly different format than say a liquor conference. Instead of getting drunk and uncontrollable, as is the case with certain liquor festivals, Hall of Flowers is a gathering of the peaceful tribes.

Flowers and Flowers
Casa Humboldt: Flowers and Flowers at Hall of Flowers 

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