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Talking Terps: Developing A New Dialogue Through Cannabis Intellectualism On 4/20/2020

The founders of Talking Terps.
Talking Terps!

I had the great, good fortune to make a friendship with some dyed in the wool New York City B-Boy kids who are well on their way to making it big in life. What they do for a “living” is work in the legal cannabis industry within their alternate universe known as “Talking Terps”. Music, cannabis and Talking Terps? What do they have to do with each other? Should you be in the place and time to know what Talking Terps are, and more importantly what they represent, please read on. I was pleasantly surprised as to their maturity and their deep knowledge of the universe. Through Talking Terps, a wheel of discovery spins opposite of what we all know is going forward. You move forward and then back, expansion and retraction. To me, this represents the balance of the universe. To truly succeed in life one needs to push forward and then retract, then move forward again. Exactly what Talking Terps are all about. Confusing? Not at all. Hard work is the engine of success. Thank you friends, you did it your way. Through hard work and fortitude.

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