The Easy Cannabis Cookbook


Of all the books that I’ve reviewed this year, my favorite so far is the new book written by my friend Cheri Sicard, named: “The Easy Cannabis Cookbook” and easy it is! Reading this well laid-out book is not difficult, even for those of us with ‘older-eyes’…remarkable how a detail like this can bring so much pleasure- or the constant search for reading glasses! This book is not a hodge-podge of information, it is carefully constructed to bring simplicity into your life, should you choose to medicate yourself using edibles.  I’m not a great expert on cooking with cannabis and this book makes it sensible to experiment with the luscious sounding recipes that would be right at home- even in a non-cannabis kitchen. Recipes like the Chicken Matzo Ball Soup resonate with my Jewish heritage and the Slow Cooker- Beef and Bean Chili begs for an icy day and snow down your back.  The section on staples is easy to read and simple to reproduce, the breakfast section makes me pine for tomorrow morning and the snacks section throws a party that is less of a chore and definitely never a bore.  You’ll be laughing your way into the couch- depending on the strain you choose, and these are never aimed at the collegian out for a loud buzz.  The recipes are carefully and thoughtfully dosed.  Less bang and more introspection, if you take my drift.  It’s never good to be that person who overdoses on every edible because they took too much.

A touch of the cap to the Nova folks who have built a decarb device that makes for stress-free decarbs… Cheri does demystify the decarb process for those who are unable to spend money on technology over simplicity in the toaster oven…

A unique and ‘highly’ helpful section on measurements brings the modern mathematic age into the age of the hard to pin down, possibly absent-minded cook, especially when the cook is under the subtle haze of some fine Kush?  Keep your wits about you because this is a very delicious combination of enchanting recipes and pertinent intelligence.  It’s up to you really, the recipes are really that good- even if you aren’t a chef- there is something for you here.  And for those who think that cookbooks should never be cooked from, this book tests!  The recipes don’t just read well, they act well too!  Photography is inviting and even the electronic copy that I received has that ‘new book smell’… Well, not really but it is a delicious way to end one year and begin another with this quality package of user-friendly recipes.  

Not the same old recipe book for brownies, either- with lip-smacking descriptions like: Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (my favorite) or the individual Lemon Berry Trifles. I can’t resist a classic English Trifle. A lovely thing of rare beauty.  A tangle of dreams and wishes that Cheri attains the kind of success that is rarely found in food-writing.  This is not a stoner book, but an elevated book- a healthy adaptation of a 5000-year-old healing method.  A wonderful book to page through and hopefully experiment with.  To good taste!

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