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Offbeat Four-Twenty Friendly Comedian Mike Glazer Answers Five Fun Questions

Mike Glazer-Comedian
Mike Glazer’s work has garnered over 300 million online views. JOEL FLORA

In 2015, I traveled to Moscow, Russia, with the honor of teaching a Master Class in Rum at the Moscow Bar Show (Yes, I do have a rather inglorious past in traditional liquor as a Master Mixologist/Brand Ambassador). I was stunned to learn that consuming coffee and the culture that surrounds it is a new thing in Moscow, certainly within the past five or so years with the explosion of global coffee culture. Almost overnight, coffee has been embraced by the youth of the country. The Russians appear to enjoy their coffee extremely sweet with added sugar for good luck. Just like we do in America. They love it with a couple dozen donuts on the side, as well. They ask for it by name: “Light and Sweet” — not a bad way to open a conversation in Russia through the stomach-filling kindness of Dunkin’ Donuts. On nearly every street corner, in kiosks on the street and even in private offices, there are a myriad of Dunkin’ Donuts shops. I was charmed to find out that the culture of Dunkin’ is quite popular in Moscow and if that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. It’s just a little bit of home on the other side of the earth! So why am I talking about coffee and donuts?

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