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Cannagars. Just the very thought of the word stimulates my taste buds: hand-built using the finest flowers, adjuncts, and elegant covering wraps, like rose petals, rice paper, gold leaf, or even hemp.

I think of all the truly gourmet cannagars I’ve tasted over the years and wonder, can I do that? Well, the short answer is yes. I can. And I have. Maybe not as finely detailed and potent- as a Made in Xiaolin Cannagar, or a Leira Cannagar handmade and dipped in pricy gold leaf, or even those fantastic Bull Run Cannagars that I had a couple of years ago. With the right equipment and patience, well, I can do it, too. However, I’ll need a really well-made form. Something built for the job. A professional cigar mold made from specially sourced materials. Something that won’t warp nor break easily. What I need to craft a cannagar are carefully constructed forms honed with aircraft-quality-grade aluminum from the nearly ten-year-old company named Cannagar Solutions. These are the creations of Kelly Anderson, who came to cannabis later in life, as you’ll discover shortly. But it’s never too late, and the invention that I have sitting in front of me has earned a well-deserved trademark. Kelly is doing something others have attempted, but none of the others have yet to be as artful nor as crisply.

Please allow me the pleasure for you to meet Kelly Anderson—inventor of the Cannagar Solutions Cannagar mold/press.

cannabis world news interviews commentary Kelly Anderson, owner of Cannagar

Warren Bobrow: Please tell me about yourself. Why Cannabis? Where are you from? Did you enjoy the plant growing up? What was your first experience with a cannagar? Who smoked one with you? Where?

Kelly Anderson: My experience with cannabis is limited to the past ten years. Initially, my exposure to cannabis came from individuals around me who used it to alleviate various ailments. Witnessing the positive health effects it had on them sparked my interest. I suffer from severe sleep apnea, and I had at the time been relying on prescription medications to sleep. My health would deteriorate into other issues when I didn’t get good sleep. In addition, I was concerned about becoming dependent on these drugs and sought an alternative. I decided to give cannabis a try, and I was pleasantly surprised. The first time I used it, I had the best night of sleep I had ever experienced, without any negative side effects like those associated with sleep medications. This positive outcome led me to continue using cannabis, and I have successfully eliminated the need for prescription medications. During this period, I was also involved in creating wooden cigar molds and collaborated with a prominent influencer to modify them for Cannabis Cigars. As our product line gained popularity, we eventually transitioned to using more refined aluminum molds.

cannabis world news interviews commentary woman standing at table with Cannagar products

WB: Please tell me about your company. What do you do differently, i.e., better than your competition? How long have you been working towards your success?

KA: We are thrilled to have developed the molds and processes for creating Cannagars in a more sophisticated manner just over nine years ago. Our company is the exclusive holder of a patent for both our molds and the process of making Cannagars. It’s quite noteworthy to be one of the few companies with a patent for a product specifically designed for the Cannabis industry.

Shifting from our wooden molds to aluminum ones, we aimed to create a highly versatile product line that could be expanded and had interchangeable parts. Our primary focus was on providing high-quality products, offering commercial-grade performance, a wide range of options, and a dynamic product line that could be adapted by anyone.

We provide seven different gauges and three lengths in our offerings. Our entry-level mold consists of two slots. If you desire more slots or larger sizes, you can simply purchase an additional mold and a new tip, allowing you to create different sizes or molds with additional slots. For customers who require even more slots, we offer inserts to expand the mold. Many of our clients have molds that can accommodate making 60-70 Cannagars simultaneously, eliminating the need for them to purchase new molds and simply opting for inserts instead.

cannabis world news interviews commentary cannagar case, buds, and cannager in ashtray with lighter

Considering our aim to cater to commercial needs, we ensured that our molds were easily sanitized and capable of withstanding the demands of commercial usage. As a result, we chose aluminum to be our standard material. Our packing tool, featuring a steel shaft, can be adjusted to any gauge size by simply unscrewing and replacing the tip. The packing tool also boasts a large ball at the end, which ensures a comfortable grip.

Unfortunately, many imitators in the market make use of plastic or 3D-printed molds, which are considerably inferior. While they may be suitable if sanitation or durability are not concerns, we frequently encounter customers who switch to our products after experiencing failures with cheap molds. Finally, we take pride in our prompt responses to customer inquiries and our commitment to shipping out orders as soon as they are received.

WB: What obstacles stand in your way to succeed? Do you have six and twelve-month goals? What are they?

KA: Everyone involved in the Cannabis industry is aware of the significant difficulties in marketing and advertising. We are no exception, as it poses our biggest challenge. Social media platforms often restrict content related to paraphernalia, leading to account suspensions without warning. Traditional marketing methods are not effective for us. Therefore, this year, our main objective is to elevate our marketing efforts to a new level.

cannabis world news interviews commentary Cannagar weedstick

Our immediate and future objectives involve enhancing market visibility, reducing product expenses, and introducing innovative products and accessories.

WB: What is the learning curve of your product? Do you include instructions or links to YouTube videos for the paper instruction impaired? How easy is it to utilize? How long do you cure the Cannagars? Does humidity- or lack thereof help?

KA: Many underestimate the complexity of crafting a Cannagar. The necessary equipment is quite simple, consisting of a mold, skewer, packing tool, and quality herb. Creating a Cannagar is considered an art, and beginners often become easily frustrated. Initial attempts might not meet expectations, and the cigar may break when removed from the mold. What works for one person may not work for another due to various factors such as herb quality, moisture content, grinding techniques, packing intensity, duration in the mold, storage, and herb variety. Our recommendation is to have herbs at 62% moisture and tear buds into ¼ to ½ inch pieces, as the cigar holds together better than when using ground herb. Packing requires significant pressure and should be done forcefully. Some believe the cigar should stay in the mold for hours or even days, but we advise removing it immediately and proceeding to wrap. Once wrapped, store the Cannagar in a humidor with 62% moisture packs. When ready to smoke, be mindful of drawing gently to avoid inhaling excessive hot smoke. With experience, the process becomes faster, allowing you to create a Cannagar in just a few minutes. The ease of smoking and extended burn time make the effort worthwhile.

cannabis world news interviews commentary 3 sizes of metal Cannagar boxes with cleaning plungers

WB: What is your passion?

K A: We are deeply committed to assisting individuals, and our strongest inclination lies in helping others. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to our customers who are dealing with medical or PTSD conditions. We fully acknowledge the potential of our products in providing support and relief amid these unfortunate circumstances.

About Cannagar Solutions

Established in 2017, Cannagar Solutions has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the cannabis industry. Based in the picturesque heart of the Ozarks in Missouri, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions for both commercial and consumer cannabis enthusiasts.

At Cannagar Solutions, we take immense pride in being pioneers in our field. We hold the distinction of being the sole business with a US Patent on the design and process of creating Cannagar molds. Our dedication to precision and excellence is reflected in our meticulously crafted aluminum molds engineered to meet the rigorous demands of commercial use.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve extended our inventive designs to the consumer level, ensuring that enthusiasts of all backgrounds can create their own perfect Cannagars with ease and precision. Our products are not just tools but a testament to our commitment to providing the best for our customers.

cannabis world news interviews commentary woman holding Cannagar above ashtray

Beyond our passion for innovation and quality, Cannagar Solutions holds deep-rooted values. We embrace the natural world and strive to utilize the earth’s offerings in their purest form. We firmly believe in the healing properties of cannabis, and our products are a testament to our commitment to making its benefits accessible to all.

At the core of our business lies our customers, who we consider an extension of our family. We actively seek and value their feedback, incorporating their suggestions into our evolving line of offerings. This collaborative spirit fuels our dedication to improving and innovating continually.

Cannagar Solutions is not just a business; it’s a mission to redefine the cannabis experience. Join us on this journey as we celebrate the art and science of Cannagars and strive to make them accessible to all who seek the relief and joy that cannabis can provide.

Work smarter, not harder. From their website… Brilliant!

Photos courtesy of Cannagar Solutions